5 Hour Bed Quilt Pattern Test

5 Hour Bed Quilt


I offered to test a pattern for Stephanie at Quilt Addicts Anonymous. It looked simple enough to breeze through. As I started selecting fabrics I realized this was s great pattern to showcase a large print or a favorite fabric that you don’t want to cut into bitty pieces. 
Random bits that found their way to me

I always try to incorporate a stripe when I’m pattern testing….sometimes it’s a home run….and sometimes it’s a nightmare. But in my opinion, that’s part of the testing process.

Loved the multitude of colors

But for some sad reason, I discarded the blues

Yellow as my neutral?

Yellow as my constant?

Brown as my constant?

Stripes as my constant?

I opted to split my pieces into 2 throws instead of 1 large quilt. I think they’ll get more use.
You can see my assistant at the top
and sneaking into the scene on the right   
A close up of some of the fabric.

Would I make this again?
Absolutely!! It may have taken 5 hours once I decided on the layout and the colors, but I’m not even sure it took that long!

Some things i learned that may help you:

1. Your center will be in every block, and flipped in every direction. If you don’t like crazy stripes, don’t use a stripe there. This is a great place to put a fabric or color you want throughout your top

2. It doesn’t really matter how your 9 patch is put together. As long as your neutral is where it’s supposed to be and your center is in the center….don’t waste time sorting your colors into the 9 patch since they are going to be distributed after they are re-cut.

3. This is an awesome pattern for showcasing a favorite fabric as it will stay in a large square.

Thank you Stephanie for a fun pattern to play with! I’ll be posting other color ways soon as I have a couple baby quilts to make & I love how this lets you really see the fabrics! You can see more colorways and find information on the pattern on her website

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