Round Robin, Round 2

Sorry to have gone AWOL for a bit. WordPress decided it didn’t want to play nice!


I found this round to be challenging. The friendship star block stymied me for a bit, then I thought that taking it back to the center, in reverse, might add some interest. I poked around in EQ7 to see what it might look like

This was pretty close to what I wanted, but I was hoping to make the stars line up in a rounder fashion.

This was what it looked like when it walked in the door.


Auditioning brown & gray 

The black & white block was a ton of fun to play with. My options were wide open. The owner had no color preference. The 1st girl added in the pink….I was tempted to continue with pink, but didn’t want to lock in that color scheme.

I played in EQ7


Feeling pretty confident, I added a wide black border

Auditioning fabrics

 Rethinking the wide black border

  Playing with the layout 


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