Seasons: Project Quilting Season 7, Challenge 2




My kids & I collect all kinds of natures goodies on our walks. We are always picking up rocks and leaves and examining them. My vision was to show a spectrum of color and texture using leaves and organic backgrounds.  The colors are actually deeper and more vibrant (may just be my old screen here)…

Can I just say that I love the stitches on my machine? SO much faster and more accurate than if *I* did the applique by hand (I’m still learning, and with a time crunch, I’ll let the machine do that part for me).

I wasn’t sure where this project was going, but what I ended up with wasn’t my vision, and the project stopped speaking to me. It feels very fall, as opposed to the range of seasons I was hoping for. Trying to add the other seasons felt forced, so I’m going to settle for a Fall Season Wall hanging, or perhaps I’ll incorporate it into a larger project down the road.

Thanks for another great project Kim! Be sure to check out all the talented designers at

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