Project Quilting S7, P3 Thread

Kim at Persimon Dreams is in her 7th season of Project Quilting. A challenge that reveals a theme on a Sunday and participants have one week to create a piece that meets 1 of 3 very simple guidelines. Then, the next week, the creations are open to voting. It’s always a challenge to come up with an idea that you can translate to a complete thought in a week!

This is my contribution. The theme was THREAD. Not sure why this looks all wavy and wonky….. I think because I had to pin it up and take it from a side angle? I think I need to practice my paper piecing skills…… anyway….


1 thought on “Project Quilting S7, P3 Thread

  1. Janie Kemp

    This is art! It makes me stop and think about all those threads going into the eye of the needle. The threads could be lives that interconnect at one point. Or it could be souls streaming into Heaven. Wow! I love it.



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