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Project Quilting S7, P3 Thread

Kim at Persimon Dreams is in her 7th season of Project Quilting. A challenge that reveals a theme on a Sunday and participants have one week to create a piece that meets 1 of 3 very simple guidelines. Then, the next week, the creations are open to voting. It’s always a challenge to come up with an idea that you can translate to a complete thought in a week!

This is my contribution. The theme was THREAD. Not sure why this looks all wavy and wonky….. I think because I had to pin it up and take it from a side angle? I think I need to practice my paper piecing skills…… anyway….


Seasons: Project Quilting Season 7, Challenge 2




My kids & I collect all kinds of natures goodies on our walks. We are always picking up rocks and leaves and examining them. My vision was to show a spectrum of color and texture using leaves and organic backgrounds.  The colors are actually deeper and more vibrant (may just be my old screen here)…

Can I just say that I love the stitches on my machine? SO much faster and more accurate than if *I* did the applique by hand (I’m still learning, and with a time crunch, I’ll let the machine do that part for me).

I wasn’t sure where this project was going, but what I ended up with wasn’t my vision, and the project stopped speaking to me. It feels very fall, as opposed to the range of seasons I was hoping for. Trying to add the other seasons felt forced, so I’m going to settle for a Fall Season Wall hanging, or perhaps I’ll incorporate it into a larger project down the road.

Thanks for another great project Kim! Be sure to check out all the talented designers at

Confetti challenge

Kim at Persimon Dreams runs this really series of challenges. I participated a couple years ago and was amazed at what it pushed me to do! There’s only one week from announcement to voting.

I couldn’t resist following along even when I wasn’t participating, but suddenly I’ve found myself sucked back into the fun!!

I absolutely love this bag! 

I printed the words onto the fabric (thank you instructables), and followed the tutorial from

My inspiration was this: 

I think the handle needs a little work, but otherwise I’m thrilled!!!!

Voting starts tomorrow….so, if you want to see some really cool interpretations of “confetti”, check it out…and vote….



Blog-hop Winners

Congratulations to Beth Talmage & Karen Thurn. They were randomly selected as the winners from the blog hop last week. Thank you all for visiting. I know the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks has always been one of my favorite events!

100 Blocks Issue 12, Naomi’s Envy

Welcome to the final day of the 100 Blocks bloghop!! This is my 2nd year & I’m over the moon about being included with some of my favorite designers! Be sure to check them out here!


My block can be found on the centerfold page, before the patterns!!! (The ONLY way I’ll ever be a centerfold! Thank you Quiltmaker!!!)

Lots of pictures & then my comments below. Enjoy! Hope to see you on the other side!


To see the secondary design as 4 blocks are placed together

  Checking out specific fabrics in EQ7

Following is a series of samples showing how moving the value around changes the look of the block.

It really struck me about here how different the block looks when the values shift.

Trying to decide if the smaller square should be “in front” or “behind” and playing with a more fall-like palate.

My friend Naomi has EQ7 and I did not at the time….I was coloring with pencils and she was clicking and changing values. I asked for the one I eventually submitted, and she sent me back something totally different. When I asked again, she opened what she had originally sent and said “Oh! That looks like vomit!!” Then she sent the corrected one labeled as NV for non-vomit & I knew right away this blocks name was Naomi’s NV or Envy to be PC. Now you get a glimpse into my twisted mind *grin*

Still with me? Awesome! Giveaway time!!

First-— a copy of the magazine to a randomly selected person. I’d love to know the colors you love to use or detest using….or if there’s a color you hate using but love every time someone else uses it.

Second–a yard of your favorite fabric, OR a set of 4 Fat Quarters from Leave a comment with your favorite fabric below, or what 4 FQ you’d love to win! I’ll leave this drawing open until Sunday evening at 7pm eastern time so you have time to stroll through this amazing store & pet the fabrics. If this is your first trip there but you added it to your favorites, let me know! Thank you Marge & Steven for offering such a generous gift!

Niceness counts. I have a few extra copies of this issue & maybe the previous issue. If something touches my heart, I’ve been known to draw extras. If you make me laugh, double bonus for you!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog hop and found some new friends to follow. This has always been one of my favorite online events (next would be the Annual Mystery Quilt kicking off next week, hosted by Bonnie Hunter here!)


EQ7 Challenge, Charleston Part 2

The folks at EQ and Timeless Treasures are having so much fun with the blocks designed, they extended the contest to round 2…using your block in a quilt.


I love the secondary design that emerges when the blocks are placed together! If you look closely, you’ll see that as the corners work outward, they mimic the center!

Thanks EQ & Timeless Treasures for another round of fun!

Some other ideas that I passed on….

Charleston Pass1

Random Dancers


More choreographed dancers *grin*


Dance floor is still full…..

I can’t seem to pull the rest out, but that is a great idea of some of the ideas I was playing with!

I am seriously loving my EQ7….wish I had a little more time to play with it and learn it!

Do you EQ?


Round Robin, Round 2

Sorry to have gone AWOL for a bit. WordPress decided it didn’t want to play nice!


I found this round to be challenging. The friendship star block stymied me for a bit, then I thought that taking it back to the center, in reverse, might add some interest. I poked around in EQ7 to see what it might look like

This was pretty close to what I wanted, but I was hoping to make the stars line up in a rounder fashion.

This was what it looked like when it walked in the door.


Auditioning brown & gray 

The black & white block was a ton of fun to play with. My options were wide open. The owner had no color preference. The 1st girl added in the pink….I was tempted to continue with pink, but didn’t want to lock in that color scheme.

I played in EQ7


Feeling pretty confident, I added a wide black border

Auditioning fabrics

 Rethinking the wide black border

  Playing with the layout 


5 Hour Bed Quilt Pattern Test

5 Hour Bed Quilt


I offered to test a pattern for Stephanie at Quilt Addicts Anonymous. It looked simple enough to breeze through. As I started selecting fabrics I realized this was s great pattern to showcase a large print or a favorite fabric that you don’t want to cut into bitty pieces. 
Random bits that found their way to me

I always try to incorporate a stripe when I’m pattern testing….sometimes it’s a home run….and sometimes it’s a nightmare. But in my opinion, that’s part of the testing process.

Loved the multitude of colors

But for some sad reason, I discarded the blues

Yellow as my neutral?

Yellow as my constant?

Brown as my constant?

Stripes as my constant?

I opted to split my pieces into 2 throws instead of 1 large quilt. I think they’ll get more use.
You can see my assistant at the top
and sneaking into the scene on the right   
A close up of some of the fabric.

Would I make this again?
Absolutely!! It may have taken 5 hours once I decided on the layout and the colors, but I’m not even sure it took that long!

Some things i learned that may help you:

1. Your center will be in every block, and flipped in every direction. If you don’t like crazy stripes, don’t use a stripe there. This is a great place to put a fabric or color you want throughout your top

2. It doesn’t really matter how your 9 patch is put together. As long as your neutral is where it’s supposed to be and your center is in the center….don’t waste time sorting your colors into the 9 patch since they are going to be distributed after they are re-cut.

3. This is an awesome pattern for showcasing a favorite fabric as it will stay in a large square.

Thank you Stephanie for a fun pattern to play with! I’ll be posting other color ways soon as I have a couple baby quilts to make & I love how this lets you really see the fabrics! You can see more colorways and find information on the pattern on her website