How it works around here….

I’m aiming to be a little more present with my new blog. It’s SO easy to blog in my head…and then never get to the computer to share with you. So, my new plan is to have a plan! (DISCLAIMER: I AM a woman, which means the plan is subject to change…again and again).

Motivational Monday will be little snippets I find here and there. Words, Pictures, Videos. Anything that I think makes the world a better place (and maybe adds another project to your to do list)

Tool/Tip/Technique Tuesday will feature a tool, tip or technique that has made my quilting life easier. Sometimes it will be mine, other times it will be a link to another site that covers it perfectly!

What’s Up Wednesday will share my list of projects & progress….and hopefully some pictures!

Throw Back Thursday will showcase a vintage pattern, technique, etc. Perhaps you will be inspired to breathe new life into an old, worn-out idea.

Free For All Friday will collect all my bits and pieces I want to share that maybe don’t quite belong elsewhere. You may find Family stories, Recipes, Jokes….. pretty much anything I feel like sharing!

Hope to see you around! Feel free to leave me a comment & let me know you were here…and let me know if there’s something you’d like to see

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