Who am I and why am I diving in the Scrap Bin?

I’m a mom to 3 beautiful children 

A first-time Grandmother (that’s 5 generations your looking at! I’m in the middle, my mom is to my left, her dad is in front, my son is to my right & his son is in the heater)    

We live in CT where we get the glory of 4 seasons. This was a typical day this past winter!

I work part-time for a small 2nd generation family business. My schedule works around my husbands so one of us can always be home with the little ones.

I’m a thrifty New Englander by nature. Add to that the soaring price of quilting cotton….of course I’m rooting around in the scrap bin (mine and others! I can’t believe how exciting it is to get a bag of scrap from someone….may  contain little bits for dog bed stuffing, larger scrap, fat quarters or just unloved yardage).

I’ve found working with scrap can be harder & take longer….but it’s cheaper and lends more interest to the piece.

Learning how to manage the scrap pile is an on-going battle. I hope you dive in with me and check it out!


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