A little birthday fun


Birthday flowers  

Pizza off the grill  

Strawberry shortcake!!  

A little cake on the boys birthday
My clean sewing room!    

Beach party!     

2 birthdays in one weekend….thank you for everyone who was able to participate & for all the well wishes!

Week in review


Stash Bee for May


Stash Bee for June

A new outfit I made 


Chopped the hair for summer!


Playing with my Round Robbins in EQ7


Thumbs up on Refrigerator Oatmeal!


Prize package from EQ7

Graduation day!


Little water fight with Papa at our church picnic


Perfect way to end the day!

What a busy week! Summer can be so hectic! Next week we have birthdays galore….eventually I’ll get back into my sewing room….

EQ7 Spring Cleaning Scrap Challenge Winner!

I am so excited to announce that my entry for the EQ7 challenge was selected as the winner in the “scrappiest” category!

EQ7 provided 3 designs & to enter, you had to color it in EQ7, then make the quilt from your scraps (including quilting and binding). My previous post outlines my process, but of course, I’m always happy to show my winning entry off!

IMG_3176 StarsAndTrees

Congrats to Jeriann for her win in the “scrappy” division and to Louisa for her win in the “scrappier” division. You can see all winners & honorable mentions at here!

This was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and a lot of learning! I’d play along again! Thank you EQ!! Can’t wait for my Swag Bag to arrive!

Spring Cleaning Scrap Challenge by EQ7


EQ7 sponsored a scrap challenge that ends on 5/31. They offered 3 designs (scrappy, scrappier & scrappiest). Of course I had to go for the gold and play with scrappiest.   You can read the rules here. While I was waiting for my EQ program to arrive, I resorted to old fashioned methods so I’d be ready

I was torn between the bees and the trees, but ultimately, I made up my mind.


I played a little in EQ7 and as soon as I figure out how to save that into a format that will work here, I will post those pictures!

 stars   stars3   almost trees   angry chickens  fall trees   StarsAndTrees    bees   flowers   squares and diamonds2

And then I went scrap diving
All 400 blocks laid out

The blocks are webbed and my assistants were ready for some time at the lake!    
A couple tips

1. It’s too windy at the lake to press/roll or do anything fabric related

2. Numbering the blocks in the same corner was a double blessing!
Almost half way

Ta da!!! My first stitching in the ditch, and my first binding!
 Thanks EQ7 for the learning curve!

A peek at our Sunday


Rhamie stopping to smell the flowers on her way into church.


Where I spent my afternoon trimming half-square triangles. Sweet set up! Love to be outside with the little ones 🙂

Eric officially became a bee keeper. That’s about 10,000 bees on my cutting mat…..have I mentioned I’m petrified of bees? 😁


The bees being relocated into their new home, among the parts & pieces of the hive, equipment and other things needed during set up.

Congrats honey!! Your first hive!!

Friday Bonus Brag!

I had an amazing start to my holiday weekend! A planned play date with my daughters bestie & a chance to catch up with her mom. I’m so proud of my talented friend Sarah who will be published in the July/August edition at http://thebroadkillriverpress.com. I can’t wait to read it!! Congrats Sarah!

After bumping into another family we are friendly with, we finally managed to make it off the playground and find our way home.

I had 2 awesome surprises waiting for me!

My official “brag bag”. See it? Top row, 2nd one! I’ll be carrying pretty much everything in this bag for a while. A little obnoxious? Yup. But I’m okay with that!


Happy Mother’s Day!!! It finally arrived! He DOES read my blog!!! Thanks honey!!

It’s quilt design software that cuts my design time by amazing amounts. I’m not sure who might be more excited by this….me or my great friend Naomi who has been my EQ7 surrogate for the past few months….. Now, she just needs to teach me a few things….

I guess I know what my weekend entails! Hope yours is wonderful!


Friday Free For All


Houses for a village swap


“Thinking Food” thoughtfully replaced by my daughter & husband

My oldest son


My youngest son


Martha & her amazing scrappy braid quilt she taught us to make


Part of my scrappy braid….love it!!!


3 D pinwheels. Loving this so far…and SO easy!!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


Tuesday’s Tip: What is low volume?

I was discussing an upcoming fabric swap with some online friends, and the question came up regarding “low volume” fabrics. This seems to be a fuzzy area with quilters as some of it is subjective. I was happy to share my opinion on what low volume consists of.

Anything that “reads” white/cream/gray. It may have other colors or a small print, but when you step back, it’s not really a color.


So samples


Notice when you stand up close you really see the pattern & colors, but from a distance, it becomes more like texture.


Some samples of my Easy Street quilt, showing my low volumes. My main colors are pink/turquoise/yellow, so I selected LV containing those colors. If you look close, you will see stripes, flowers, words, random geometric shapes, etc. I find it adds interest to an otherwise boring background, but done correctly, does not compete with the pattern.

Hope that helps you understand low volume (LV) and why it might be used!

Thanks for stopping by!


Motivational Monday 

I’m taking 2 classes this week. The first is a stash-busting scrappy Herringbone Table Runner

The 2nd is Easy Breezy

I loved those Moda fabrics, but $33 for that kit was a bit too much for me, so I’ll be stash diving again to see what I come up with. Right now I’m thinking the leftover pinks/greens/Browns from the pattern I tested a couple weeks ago.


Loved this post from Facebook. Glad I’m not the only one snapping pictures of floors & walls!  

This was an amazing entry posted on Facebook as well. Sorry I cut off the name of the person who created it!


Loved the colors on this pineapple block posted on 24 Blocks.

Loved the movement on this piece!!

Love her use of color!

How sweet is this?

  That’s it for now!